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What Are the Different Spa Types?

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Spas provide a healthy and holistic approach to wellness, with the latest treatments and technology and well-trained staff. Nowadays, spas are not only for the rich because the Clearfield spa is already available for everyone who wants to enjoy a great pampering experience and de-stress.

Hotel or resort spa

This spa type concentrates on a particular aspect—be it game or golf activities or a health spa. Both resorts and hotels usually have a spa leisure center with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam and sauna room, treatment rooms, and extensive facilities where visitors can relax in their fitness clothing or robes but not in the building’s leading hotel. Resort or hotel spa mainly offers treatment ranging from the fundamentals like beauty, facials, body, and beauty. However, specialized treatments are not that accessible in this spa type.

Medi Spa

The medical spa is where procedures and treatments are performed under the supervision of a medical doctor. Moreover, some medical services are also provided, such as physical therapy, sports injury medicine, chiropractors, and nutritionists.

Alternative or holistic healing spa

This spa type is suitable for your soul and body as it’s more concentrated on promoting balance and well-being through traditional beauty treatments and modern health therapies.

Stay Spa

This type of spa mainly gives accommodation for clients. Most of the time, regular day packages are provided for individuals who would want to escape for one day and the overnight or multi-night packages at retreats, hotels, resorts, health spas, or farms.

Pamper spa

Pamper spa is intended to pamper and soil customers who would like to relax and de-stress without thinking so much about their diet. Pamper spa mainly focuses on fun, relaxation, and a bit of decadence mixed with different spa services where customers can relish in a pop of luxury manicure or an excellent aromatherapy massage.

Day Spa

Day spa does not provide accommodation. Meaning, those who want to visit this spa type can do so for 1 hour or throughout the day as they wish. Clients can opt for single services or treatments like a pedicure, manicure, facial, massage, or even a combination of different spa services. Depending on the services you want to get, you may take a full-day pamper or a half-day package. Other day spas provide individual training programs and fitness facilities as well.

Wellness or hydro health center

This center is for customers who want to have a more active lifestyle and teach themselves how to be proactive in managing their wellness and health and preventing disease.

Rehab center

Rehabilitation centers are also recognized as clinics. This is where rehabilitation and detoxification treatments or procedures are carried out for people who suffer from different addiction types, eating disorders, and depression. Usually, the clinics are hospitals with optimal care, trained nurses, fully-equipped facilities, and licensed medical doctors. Associated services are also included with the help of clinical psychologists and therapists, counselors, dieticians, and social workers.

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